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We are no-judgement fitness

Come as you are and bounce your way to a healthier, happier body!

Using mini-trampolines (bellicon rebounders) to reduce impact, rebounding is one of the most accessible group fitness experiences available. Fun, freeing, and invigorating, rebounding helps strengthen muscles and bones, increase endurance, improve mobility and coordination, and a whole lot more. A treat for both body and mind, a rebounding class will leave you feeling like gravity can’t hold you down.

The only rebounding studio in Atlantic Canada, Cóstafit Rebounding is an inviting space for people who want to move better, feel amazing, and have fun😀

🌸bounce & be well🌸

"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does"

William James

"What we think, we become"




Suzie Gammon

"I just started my 4th year of being an active member of group fitness. I have started exercising with weight loss goals and I wanted to lower  my health risks. I have learned a lot and tried many forms of exercise. I started coming to Cóstafit Rebounding because of my gym buddy suggesting it.

I am now a life time exerciser because  I am simply addicted. I knew after my first class, that I would be coming back. Cheryl's teaching methods,  flexibly in offering challenges or modifications and most importantly her great taste in music choices are the main reasons  why I keep coming back. I feel very welcome when I walk in for a class. I look forward to an excellent well rounded exercise and the wonderful people bouncing next to me.


Since coming to Cóstafit I had 15 pounds left to reach my ultimate goal, and now I only have 4 pounds left."

Michelle Langille

"I had recently lost 40 pounds and I was looking for an exercise program that would support me in sustaining my weight loss as well as my improved health.


 I was currently participating in other forms of exercise but was not getting the cardio boost/level of toning I desired.  I wanted something that would stoke my metabolism.  


I love instructor lead group exercise as well as the people that are motivated to be here.   My body is stronger and my mind sharper.


 My strength and balance have improved as well as my coordination and muscle tone.  My metabolism has improved as well as my energy level.  


The camaraderie developing between those participating, boost in overall wellbeing, Cheryl's committment to working her program.


It works for me, it's fresh and fun. You will get a good workout.  You can work up or down depending on where you are at.  It might feel strange at first but you will improve and notice almost immediate benefits. I can go to either the basic or athletic class and get a good workout. "

Lucille Benoit

 In November 2020, after months of shutdown/isolation and COVID anxiety (and weight gain), it was time start taking care of my physical and mental health.


Having heard great reviews from friends, I joined Cóstafit Rebounding and have not looked back. Classes are challenging and a ton of fun. Cheryl Denman, owner and instructor, offers options for all fitness levels. She truly cares about your wellbeing and is an all around wonderful person.


If anyone had told me I would be going to 4 to 5 classes a week - I would never have believed it!


Check it out - you will not be disappointed!! costafitrebounding.comL


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Need your own rebounder ? We only recommend Bellicon

They are simply the best !



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