Bouncing  makes cardio so much fun!

Rebound workouts are one of the most efficient and healthiest ways

to achieve lean muscle, to loose weight, improve bone density, strengthen your spine/core and to detox your body.

This popular class is based on the belief that mental and physical health are interrelated

and should be conditioned together.

You will stimulate your brain and relieve stress while getting the most effective exercise ever created for your body❤️

Bounce Basic is a holistic and health boosting exercise class open for all adult ages, levels, and abilities.

Your body will learn proper posture, alignment, balance and coordination.

Bounce Basic provides an excellent, full-body cardiovascular workout, but can be performed gently enough to be appropriate for people that tend to suffer from physical limitations or chronic alignments.


Plus this class is such a good time you will be smiling for hours after! 🙌 😀


Bounce BOX BOOTY is a cardio, muscle sculpting, full body workout that incorporates

both rebounding and kickboxing derived exercises.


This kickboxing inspired workout is great for beginners and elite. 


This no impact class will have you sweaty and feeling empowered. 


Punches, kicks and booty combinations will tone

your arms 💪, shoulders, legs🦵 and glutes🍑

all while keeping the core totally engaged

as you have a great time bouncing on your rebounder. 


All movements can be modified based on ability so everyone gets the workout they need.  

The bouncing will give you a cardio blast to torch calories for hours after your work out ✅

plus improve your body's lymphatic function, balance, and coordination! 


See results, boost your metabolism and build strength in our whole body workouts. 💪 


BOUNCE classes are an efficient way to build cardio health and muscle definition while being easy on your joints.


Expect to have a ton of fun while getting a great sculpting workout! 💗 🍑 


Using the authentic TRX system you will use your bodyweight to build strength, power and mobility in your entire body.


You will also be using the rebounder in this HIIT inspired workout to burn fat and get the 

cardio the most fun way ever! ✅


Bouncing on a trampoline will give you a deep detox as it is superior at getting the lymph system moving.

Every cell in the body is engaged on every bounce. 🤩 


In every class we offer, Bone density is also improved because of the gravitational effects

of rebounding on the skeletal system! 🦴 💗 

Also target specific muscles with mat work that will leave you feeling engaged and challenged.


Look forward to feeling GREAT, reaching your GOALS 

and having a lot of FUN cheering each other on! 👏


Bounce YOGA is a beautiful fusion of health Bouncing and Yoga.  🧘‍♀️ 

It is meant to gently and effectively detox and stretch the body.  

Good for ALL levels bounce ability and yoga ability.


Creates a Sense of Wellness while building Bone mass and Lean muscle.

This class will effectively stimulate the lymphatic system and helps increase balance and range of motion.  


If you want to change your life for good and discover what it feels like to take control of your own wellbeing, get in touch with us today.

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