Bounce BASIC


Bounce ATHLETIC offers a more challenging range of rebounding and strength training for athletic individuals using hand weights and resistance bands. Includes balance, coordination, cardio, strength and core.

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This is a low impact workout you can do at home. You will be invited to join the Costafit Community Group Page for the week starting from your first booked class. This is the Facebook page you will be on to see the live and the past recordings as well.  You will have access for one week.


No "equipment" needed.  You could add a towel, soup cans or a jug of laundry detergent to the workout if you like.  You will want a mat/carpet to protect your back or knees or opt to do those exercises standing. Footwear is your choice.  Instructor will be in grip socks. 


Almost all levels can participate as exercises can be modified.


Have your water handy and get ready to sweat :)

Bounce BASIC gives introductory instruction and has a well rounded workout including balance, coordination, cardio, strength and core.



Bounce MOMMY BABY  is a low impact post natal class designed to gently destress and strengthen the Mommy :)  

Benefits include increased cardio and muscular strength; improved core/balance/coordination/posture; improved bone density; detoxification; boosted immune system and strengthen pelvic floor.

Moms bring babies into the studio in their seat where they can see them and comfort them when needed.


Bounce TRX

Bounce TRX  offers a more challenging circuit of moves and strength training for athletic individuals in a group fitness class. Maximum 15 people moving in a circuit through three stations: Rebounding, TRX and mat work.


It is a full body workout which includes cardio, strength, core, balance and coordination.


Using the authentic TRX system you will use your bodyweight to build strength, power and mobility in your entire body.

Push your cardio with the rebounder.  Bouncing on a trampoline will give you a deep detox as it is superior at getting the lymph system moving. Every cell in the body is engaged on every bounce. Bone density is also improved because of the gravitational effects of rebounding on the skeletal system!

Target specific muscles with mat work that will leave you feeling engaged and challenged.

Look forward to feeling great and having a lot of FUN!

Bounce BARRE

Bounce BARRE is a cardio, muscle sculpting, full body workout that incorporates both rebounding and barre derived exercises.

This low impact class targets the legs, core, and arms. The bouncing will also help to improve your body’s lymphatic function, balance, and coordination!

Bounce BARRE is intended for EVERYONE- including people who have never jumped on a trampoline! See results, boost your metabolism and build strength in our core-focused whole body workouts.

BOUNCE classes are an efficient way to build muscle definition while being easy on your joints.

Expect to have a ton of fun while getting a workout unlike any other!

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