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Macro track cookbooks

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No matter how much we try, we can’t out exercise our diet.

If we want the best and fastest fat loss results possible, we need to re-train our ideas around food to complement our workouts.


Concentrating on Macros (macronutrients) and how you create your calorie deficit through your macro choices, is what makes the diet truly work.

I want to show you some simple, great tasting, macro-friendly meals!


What's your GOAL ?

Is to lose weight, gain muscle, spend less time in the kitchen, or simply add variety to your macro ratios? 

The Cóstafit Lifestyle MacroTrack Cookbooks

are exactly what you're looking for. 


I've taken my collection of over 170 recipes and organized them into 4 different categories to make sure you have something that matches your exact needs and dietary preferences. And guess what, they all scan into MyFitness Pal!

How awesome is that! 🙌


Each crafted recipe is healthy, vibrant, and super easy to make.


Whether it’s Tropical Gluten Free Granola,  Miso Salmon w/Zucchini Noodles, Lemon & Berry Vegan Cheesecake, or Quinoa Beetroot Salad, the recipes in these books taste so good you’ll never guess they're macro friendly!😋


The books in my cookbook collection include breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, dessert and smoothie recipes. The 4 books are...

Pump up the Protein:  52 protein-packed recipes​

Quick Kitchen: 40 recipes with only 5 ingredients 

Versatile Vegan: 40 flavourful vegan recipes

Low Carb High Yum: 40 delicious recipes with                                                 under 20g of carbs




Would you love.....

to eat superfoods you will love while losing weight and keeping it off permanently?


all day energy and fuel for your workouts that taste terrific?


to create great health and enjoy your best life?


If you said yes to any of these (or heck, yes to all of them!) then you're ready to shift to your best LIFESTYLE !


The recipes in my cookbook collection are comprised of single ingredient foods combined to make recipes so delicious...

I wish I shared them sooner ❤️


If you're ready for better and faster results,

The Cóstafit Lifestyle MacroTrack Cookbooks

are for you!

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How easy is it to use The Cóstafit Lifestyle MacroTrack Recipes?

Use the RECIPE KEY to help you select the desired recipe. Maybe you're looking for something dairy free or a fast prep meal. You won'