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Tips to Improve your Human Growth Hormone HGH in No Time

Two Women in black undergarments showing slimming down by stimulating HGH
Use Natural HGH to slim down

Why not tap into the Slimming Power of a hormone called HGH?

Are you a woman looking for ways to improve your health and reach your fitness goals? (dumb question). You may have overlooked the impact that HGH is having on those endeavours. Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is a hormone that plays a vital role in growth, metabolism, and overall health. Day to day, HGH is used to build muscle mass, boost protein production, and utilize fat.

As we age the production of HGH tends to decline naturally which can result in a number of unwelcome changes and is the bane of many women over 40:

  • increase in visceral body fat

  • rise in low-density lipoprotein cholesterol

  • decline in bone mineral density

  • sleep disturbances

  • reduced immune function

If these resonate with you you are in luck ! Here are some reliable natural methods to stimulate HGH production 👍

Woman doing rebounding workout as a tabata on a bellicon rebounder at Costafit Rebounding. Stimulating HGH and slimming down
Tabata workout on a Rebounder to stimulate HGH and slim down

Regular Exercise

Certain exercises and strength training, can help stimulate HGH release naturally. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) and resistance exercises have been shown to be most effective.

This means intense exercise bursts. Celebrate breathlessness and get sweaty because this is a great HGH booster! If you are not sweating during your workouts, you may need to up the intensity (Tabata ladies!). Short focussed effort through segments of sweaty breathlessness with recovery segments on repeat will create the oxygen debt needed to trigger the pituitary gland to release HGH naturally 💪💪😅😅

A baby sleeping with a stuffed teddy bear
Get Adequate Sleep to stimulate HGH

Adequate Sleep

Quality sleep is essential for hormone regulation, including HGH. Aim for a consistent sleep schedule and ensure you're getting enough sleep each night, typically between 7-9 hours for most adults.

The largest natural HGH release tends to occur around one hour after falling asleep until around midnight. If the quality or quantity of sleep is inadequate there will be a reduction in the HGH produced. This reduction has direct and negative consequences for fat loss and vitality. It is absolutely vital for anyone seeking fat loss to get plenty of sleep.

Sadly, if you are going to bed at midnight you are missing out on the big release. If you are going to bed at 10pm but are awake at 4am and decide to start your day 🤯 you are not getting enough sleep. Sometimes you start getting up to pee in the middle of the night and before you know it you are doing it for years because you think you are getting old and its normal. It's not. Through this habit you may have unintentionally ended up recalibrating your bladder stretch receptors to start alerting you to go to the bathroom before your bladder has reached maximum capacity. Or perhaps you are drinking caffeine to late into the day or having alcohol? Perhaps you need blue light blocking glasses if you are using devices or watching tv at night? It may be a medical issue. If your sleep is important to you (hint: it should be) you want to talk to a health care provider. Get help to determine what is the root cause for your middle of night pee parade because sleep deprivation is real and can cause a whole host of health issues plus interfere with your quality of daytime fun!

Woman reading a book in a hammock and relieving stress thus stimulating HGH and slimming down
Relaxing and Relieving Stress to stimulate HGH and slim down

Stress Management

Chronic stress can interfere with lots of hormone production, including HGH. Cortisol is a necessary hormone and is released in synch with our circadian rhythm but too much cortisol has a negative impact on the production of HGH. Adopting stress management techniques like meditation, deep breathing exercises, yoga, or engaging in hobbies can help reduce stress levels and promote hormonal balance.

Supplementing your diet may also help to reduce elevated Cortisol. The very popular supplementation of Fish Oil (omega -3) for many benefits has also been found to reduce the release of cortisol . Another supplement that proved effective is Ashwagandha.

Whole foods with essential amino acids to make HGH and slim down
Balanced Diet with Adequate protein to stimulate HGH and slim down

Balanced Diet

HGH levels naturally decline up to 50 percent by age 50. Simple diet changes are doable, easy and effective. Consuming a well-rounded, nutritious diet can support HGH production. Whole foods like lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats. Adequate protein intake is particularly important as it provides essential amino acids for hormone synthesis.Our bodies use amino acids from protein to make HGH. Since it’s easier to extract amino acids from animal protein, women with a higher intake of foods like eggs, fish, and beef have been shown to have more HGH. [1]

Woman drinking a Green Protein Smoothie to stimulate HGH and slim down
Protein Shakes for quick absorption to stimulate HGH and slim down

Don't reach for high-carbohydrate foods as studies show it suppresses HGH. Avoid sugar for two hours post exercise and consume at least 25g protein immediately after a workout. Protein shakes are great for quick absorption (non sugary, loaded with veggies not piles of fruit). Of course lean chicken, meat or eggs will increase HGH and in a pinch a protein bar (again lower carb).

Dehydration is never good and is reinforced here as has been shown to significantly reduce the exercise-induced HGH response. Drink water regularly and during exercise to stay hydrated and to keep the body's systems humming along nicely.

A white clock with black numbers and hands to show using timed "eating windows" to stimulate HGH to slim down
Intermittent Fasting (time restricted eating) to stimulate HGH and slim down

Intermittent Fasting:

Some studies suggest that intermittent fasting, where you alternate between periods of fasting and eating, may have a positive impact on HGH secretion. Turns out, letting more time elapse between our last meal of one day and our first meal the next signals the body to make more HGH, increasing levels up to 1,300 percent. This technique also seems to accelerate HGH’s belly-burning power. One study even found that going longer between meals can make 35 percent of our belly fat disappear, just like that. And there’s no need to do anything drastic 🙌 Some studies show limiting the "eating window" to 8 hours is enough to give results. This could look like breaking your "fast" at 10am and closing the eating window at 6pm. Fasting is not "starving" which many people associate with the word "fasting". It will however cut into your late night "snacking" in front of the television during your favourite show LOL. Try not to watch commercials that brainwash you into wanting fast food and the like. They will send you to your cupboards thereby squashing your weight loss goals and health goals all in the name of corporate profits! Be Aware. Be Stronger than their marketing teams LOL [2]

It's essential to note that while these strategies may help support natural HGH production, the impact may vary from person to person. If you have specific concerns or are considering interventions to increase HGH levels, it is recommended to consult with a healthcare professional who can provide personalized advice based on your unique health profile.

This is a general overview of commonly discussed strategies to support HGH production naturally. The information is based on a diverse range of data, including medical literature, health and wellness websites, and reputable sources that discuss hormone regulation and aging.

Bounce and Be Well 🌸

[1] [2] Women, Food, and Hormones, Dr. Gottfried

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