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Your Immune System and Why You Should be Rebounding

Updated: Apr 27

women bouncing and jumping on rebounders or mini trampolines
Group Rebounding Fitness Class

Question: What does Rebounding have in common with your Immune System? Answer: Your Lymphatic System!

You Got To Love Your Immune System

Your immune system often falls into that category "out of sight out of mind". We don't really think about it everyday unless there is some kind of health issue or as of late, a health crisis like Covid and other "C" words. Then we hope our silent protector is "walking softly but carrying a big stick!" and that will kick the crap out of whatever is a threat to our bodies.

two hands holding a white puffy heart
Your Immune System

Your amazing body’s immune system is a gorgeous communication network of organs, cells and proteins located in many (not considered gorgeous) areas the body like armpits and groins. This heroic system is your champion against infections from germs (bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites) and other alien attackers (such as cancer cells). The system keeps track of its battles in certain white blood cells (memory cells) so it can quickly recognize past intruders and kick them off the island.

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